design strategist, educator

0.03_zermatt, engelberg, MJU ii

the light was perfect that day, as the sun descended upon the district Visp, it was dispersed across the sloping terrain by the late afternoon clouds; reflecting off these snows just-so. 

you’re not really making photo’s with this camera, you’re taking them. the cult made japanese olympus MJU ii.

well, designed, luck.

skiers lined up just so. a conversation in place. masks hidden by perspective. a bald conductor. MJU ii exposing the frame, just right.

one day (hopefully one day soon) we will visit japan together, but that will be on a zukunft stock of film.

a snow shoe directive, of our mind, body, and soul.
storms come through fast at these altitudes.

development imperfections that match the content within – as if there’s a meaning there.

almost as if the light spreading across shadows, or shadows spreading across light (?) is in direct shapely competition with itself.


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