design strategist, educator

Design thinking workshop

Facilitate 90 minute workshop for 40 global participants including the CEO, Board of directors, Brand, Marketing, Sales, and Direct to Consumer teams.

Autumn 2021 – Design Thinking
Introduce the company to convergent and divergent thinking concepts and methods. Facilitate the Marshmallow Challenge

Global Director of UX, established workshop goals, structure, content, Lead Facilitator

Autumn 2021 – Design Thinking

The goal was to talk highlevel to an organization that has not been focused on human centered design or modern design methods and techniques. 

Leading the participants with an introduction into convergent and divergent thinking was a way to frame collaboration, prototyping, and iteration. 

Why the Marshmallow?
The Marshmallow Challenge is a great exercise to shine a light on why iteration, rapid prototyping, and defining a minimal viable product help teams succeed when going to market with a new product or service. 

The Results