design strategist, educator

zero based design (ZBD)

Zero based design is a practice in which people are encouraged to cast aside their pre-existing assumptions to expand a programs scope of Discovery.

This helps organziations achieve step changes in performance when compared with traditional approaches.

Reference: McKinsey

Define where clients have friction along their Journey.

Define northstar signature moments. Northstar moments are leveraged in a later workshop to define and deliver the programs MVP (minimal viable product).

User Experience Strategist my role
Journey Owner – Liz Brudowsky

Participants covered a wide range of support roles both financially, operationally, and digitally for Vanguards Insitutional Clients.

•  Relationship Managers
•  Client Service Analysts
•  Group leaders & Managers
•  Phone Representatives
•  Journey Owners

•  Processing Agents
•  Developers
•  Content Writers
•  Data Analysts
•  Lawyers

Activity: Identify Problems
Participants identified problems on their own, then compared their results, made thematic groups, and added contextual labels. A classic double diamond technique of divergent and convergent thinking.

Key themes identified from prior client research activities

My experience with Vanguard is seemless

The digital process instills trust

My time is  respected

Activity: Define Features, Vote and conclude on Signature Moments With grouped and labeled problems, the participants were asked to collectively map their problems to features, identify gaps and ideate on solutions.

Proceeding these activities, a voting exercise was conducted to garner alignment on Signature Moments. Dot voting democtratically empowers an individuals voice.

Each group sketched thier signature moments

And openly shared their ideas for discussion